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        Baoji High-tech Zone Polymerizes &quot;Titanium&quot; Power, Walking Live Production and Learning to Use &quot;A Game of Chess&quot;

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        Baoji is known as the "China Titanium Valley", and many titanium companies mainly gather in Baoji High-tech Zone. There are more than 500 registered titanium production and operation enterprises in the region, and the supply of titanium materials and titanium products accounts for 60 % of the country's total, accounting for 20 % of the world's total. The titanium industry ranks second in the world and first in the country. In recent years, with the Titanium Group and several private titanium companies as the "leaders", the small and medium-sized enterprises on the industrial chain have been combined to create industrial clusters with complementary advantages; With the attitude of opening up and interconnecting with each other, China and foreign advanced innovation resources have been connected, and a complete and efficient innovation value chain has been formed, which has enabled the titanium industry to continuously move toward high-end manufacturing.

        Recently, reporters visited titanium enterprises, one into the titanium group, plate strip material, composite board production line and other workshops, a busy scene in front of the show. Since the first quarter of this year, the group's order volume has increased significantly, an increase of more than 113 % year-on-year, titanium production has increased by 40 % year-on-year, and foreign trade exports have increased by 150 % year-on-year. As the industry leader, the Titanium Group has also led dozens of local private enterprises to cooperate with it to complete the processing and production tasks of many product segments.
        Topta Titanium Industry is a titanium enterprise with great industrial characteristics in Baoji High-tech Zone. It is mainly engaged in the radial fast forging of various titanium rods. From the production site, a radial forging machine "picked up" four hammers, along the bright red titanium billet axis of high frequency forging, only a few minutes, a large billet will be pulled long and fine. According to the company's leaders, fine forging machines can not only produce fine forging rods, but also produce and process exquisite thick wall tubes. In recent years, in the field of deep-sea engineering and military engineering, the company has participated in the development of a variety of shaped titanium forgings and thick wall titanium tubes. The company's head, Wangyongjin, told reporters that the titanium alloy thick wall tube that was just being forged and processed was a processing product from the Titanium Group. The company relied on this radial forging processing equipment imported from Austria. The company is a year of processing for titanium and enterprises in the region. The processing fee income of more than 10 million yuan can be achieved, and the product yield of forged and processed products can be increased by 3 % and the cost can be reduced by about 10 % compared with traditional processing methods.
        Based on the demand of the industrial chain, the flexible advantages of private technology enterprises in Baoji High-tech Zone are injecting new vitality into state-owned leading enterprises. At present, Toputa is participating in the development of deep-sea equipment shells and deep-sea exploration products, and the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading has become more and more stable; Baojixinnuo's new metal materials company specializes in titanium medical materials such as medical titanium wires, titanium rods, and titanium plates. The domestic market share of products is more than 30 %, and it is exported to Germany, Brazil and other countries. Baoji Jucheng Titanium Co., Ltd. produces 500 tons of titanium seed plates annually, and has a national electrolytic copper market share of 78 %.
        At present, relying on the titanium industry "aircraft carrier" of the Titanium Group, Baoji has more than 530 small and medium-sized enterprises in the titanium product field that are on the voyage. They, such as the "escort fleet", cooperate with the Titanium Group in supporting the division of labor and refine the division of fields. Make the upstream and downstream industrial chains more complete.
        Baoji industrial chain agglomeration brings about a variety of innovative chain agglomeration. In the high-end equipment manufacturing industry park in Baoji High-tech Zone, reporters met Dr. Zhaoyulin from Beijing. In 2005, he came to Baoji to form a research and development team and devoted himself to the development of digital smart welding machines. "Just replace and upgrade the software and you can 'fool welding' for different materials and processes to meet the individual needs of customers. "Zhaoyulin said that a company has recently designed a large-scale titanium pipe welding production line. According to traditional technical ideas, this titanium tube with a diameter of 1 meter to 4 meters needs 4 people to weld in 2 days. The use of digital smart welding machines, no longer need manual operation, only half a day can be high-quality completion, which greatly solves the current shortage of advanced welders industry problems.
        Research and development agencies and technical service teams such as Zhaoyulin, which surround the titanium industry product chain, have added more than a dozen new ones to Baoji High-tech Zone in the past two years. In order to improve the ability of industrial innovation services, Baoji High-tech Zone has increased its cooperation with universities and research institutions, introduced a number of state-level R&D centers, and realized a rapid flow of talents and technical services. Baoji polymerizes the power of "titanium" and is forming a deep combination of "production, research and research" to help the titanium industry move toward high-end and rapid development.
        The construction of the technical "hypermarket" is a key move for Baoji High-tech Zone to use "a set of chess". At the end of last year, the Northwest Regional Innovation Center of the National Technology Transfer Center was established in Baoji High-tech Zone. The center integrates the innovative results of international advanced technologies, universities and research institutes, and allows titanium enterprises to choose suitable results for transformation, and encourages enterprise technology trading cooperation with reward policies. The company is included in the global industrial division of labor system.
        The talent chain is an important link in the industrial value chain. In recent years, Baoji High-tech Zone has launched the "Titanium Valley Talent Gathering Plan." At present, Baoji Titanium industry has more than 17,000 first-rate titanium experts and high-quality employees in China, and more than 40,000 industrial workers, forming a complete industrial development. Talent system.
        At present, Baoji's titanium industry has formed a complete chain of "cavernous titanium-titanium ingots-titanium alloy-titanium composite-titanium deep processing products". Enterprise products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electricity, pharmaceuticals, marine engineering and sports and leisure, and are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, India and other places. In 2018, Baoji Titanium Industry achieved an industrial output value of 45 billion yuan, and Baoji·zhongguo was listed as one of the 50 industrial clusters in China. The titanium and titanium alloy industry is planning to declare the National high-performance new materials industry cluster and the National advanced manufacturing industry cluster, and hopes that under the impetus of various national industrial innovation and development policies, the company will advance along the long-term development plan of the titanium industry. The future of "Baoji·zhongguo" will be even more brilliant.

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